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Volume 40, Number 5, 1988
In Vitro Activity of Tuberculin Upon Erythrocyte Sedimentation of Tuberculosis Patients
R. Rittimut, -,Bovornkitti S., -
*Department of Clinical Microscopy, Faculty of Medical Technology, and **Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok 10700, Thailand.

This study was conducted to affirm the findings reported by A. Takai of the relation between erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and specific serology of tuberculoproteins. Our results revealed that 91.66 per cent of pulmonary tuherculosis patients at the start of treatment and 44.44 per cent of patients after medical treatment was completed exhibited elevated ESR in the ranges of 24-90 mm/h and 21-71.5 mm/h, respectively; while on testing the blood samples mixed with a small amount of diluted tuberculin, 91.66 per cent of patients with active tuberculous disease and 88.88 per cent of patients who had just completed treatment exhibited ESR different from those tested without tuberculin. The interesting phenomenon has explained on and immunological basis which needs further research for elaboration.

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